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to find it. we are cutting defense spending. we were talking about infrastructure, potholes, state funding. >> you have to make sacrifices. >> in the previous segment. the people who are serious want to pick up the amendment. if there's any room to maneuver or wiggle, i don't think the way they've approached the tax code gives me a lot of real faith. capital gains is an important area. by the way, to abby's point, you want to know a big idea, hold up or down votes on the floor. the speaker can put each one of these out. what i think happens here is similar to what happens on immigration. there's some piecemeal conversations but you can't actually get a vote on what i think are the most important parts. the capital gains thing, i'll end here, it's a problem because today's wealthy americans make more money through stock dividends than were before in history. >> right. >> our tax code has not caught up with that. you were alluding to that. if we don't deal with that, and i think deal with it in a much more assertive way, then we will continue to have a de facto loophole for the people who ne
an occupation when these are self-defense forces? these are not russian." that really dampened hopes of any meaningful progress. at least they've talked, and at least it has gone on longer than we thought. the other big news, of course, is the e.u. weighing in with a big financial package, offering $15 billion worth of aid. that comes after yesterday's announcement of a billion dollars of -- of loan guarantees from the u.s. the priority, aside from calming down the security situation in crimea, is, of course, to try and stabilize the ukrainian economy which is in a terrible way with the russians turning the screws still more. the finance ministry here have been frank. they say we've got no money left. the coffers are empty, it's been stolen. also in the east, we've seen more violence, clashes between pro-russian protesters and supporters of the ukrainian government. we've had the -- the government offices there occupied first by the pro-russians, pushed out, and then the pro-ukrainians. and now again today, the pro-russians taking control of that building and putting their flag up. so a pre
by george zimmerman two years ago this week. he claimed self-defense and he was acquitted. questions about the verdict and the way that case was handled, however, linger to this day. a legal note -- zimmerman as sued nbc universal for defamation and the company strongly die nighs that allegation. lisa bloom covered the trial for msnbc, and she's out with a new book "suspicion fashion" the inside sorry of the trayvon martin injustice, and why we continue to repeat it. strong words in the title and the book. >> thank you, ari. >> to start with how america observed this trial. like so many trials, while it excavated some very important issues that we continued to discuss, whenever the media covers a trial, the more you watched the trial on tv, the more what you understand about what's happening departs from what the jury understands, and what the jury is exposed to under our rules and limits. how did that dynamic play out in this trial, a trial which many people, of course, watched. >> i think that's a very insightful observation. i begin my book with a lot of new information about exactly wh
's the right thing to do. >> i think we should revisit the missile defense shield that we talk about so often. >> i would just cancel in sochi. i wouldn't talk about the planning session. i would cancel it. >> i would like to create a democratic news around putin's russia. >> we start north of crimea with nbc's ian williams. ian, there's been a lot of claims and counter claims today. what's the latest there on the ground? >> reporter: it's a confusing picture, toure. we've seen a lot of so-called deadlines come and go, which we've heard from russian news agencies, from the ukrainian government. but it does seem that russia is pretty well in control of crimea. and the question now, and it's something which john kerry is going to be looking at closely tomorrow, on how he can under it, is what russia does next. and the focus will be on this region here, where i am today, in east ukraine. this is the second biggest city in the country, the industrial heartland, kharkov. many people here have been encouraged with what's happening in ukraine and would ideally like the russians to come in here, too.
multiple screams coming from his home. he claims it was self-defense because he thought she was an intrud intruder. the hearing was delayed after a television station violated courtroom rooms. >>> we're look to look at the weather. march cold continues to grip a good deal of the country. the first official day of spring is only about two weeks away. winter weather is expected to stick around for the foreseeable future. the great lakes are more than 99% frozen. that is the most this season. >> a cold rain is not dampening the mood in the big easy. umbrellas and rain coats lined the parade route and tens of thousands are expected to gather in the french quarter for the more lively portion of celebrations. of course the party is over tomorrow, the beginning of lent. >>> the oscars are over but everyone is still talking about the impromtu pizza party that ellen hosted. she went around the audience collecting tip money for the delivery guy and invited him on her show yesterday to pay up. >> so you left before -- i wanted to give a tip and i passed pharrell's hat around and i ended up getting a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5